More Than 10,000 Procedures: What We’ve Learned


Since we began offering LASIK surgery in 1997, the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center has completed more than 10,000 procedures—helping people throughout the Knoxville and the East Tennessee area.

And with each procedure, we learn something. We keep building our base of experience and knowledge so that we can provide patients with better care—and better information about LASIK while they’re considering the procedure.

Here are some of the things we’ve learned after 10,000 LASIK patients:

LASIK Keeps Getting Better

We were among the first practices in our region to begin offering LASIK, because, after intense scrutiny, we were convinced that LASIK could change the lives of many of our patients.  We were right.

And the results from LASIK keep getting better, thanks to improvements in technology and enhancements in techniques.  Computer mapping of patients’ individual eyes mean that our LASIK doctors have information which allows them to customize the procedure for every individual.

Our Wavescan® Wavefront Technology produces an extremely detailed three-dimensional map of each eye, giving the physician a very clear process to follow to provide the best possible vision correction—personalized for the patient.

Keeping Up With Technology Is Important

LASIK is blade free at Campbell Cunningham Laser Center.  It involves VISX™ Advanced CustomVue™ technology to provide a 3D map the cornea which allows the VISX™ STAR S4 IR Laser System to perform Custom LASIK.  The IntraLase™ FS, a femtosecond laser, makes the procedure blade free.

This is a leap forward from the original LASIK technology. And our doctors continually keep up with new innovations in LASIK, to see if they can contribute to better procedures and better patient care.

LASIK Is Accessible For More People

As the technology for LASIK improves, the procedure becomes an option for more patients. If you’d like to know if LASIK can benefit you, use our “Am I A Candidate For LASIK” questionnaire.  It only takes about five minutes to complete, and our staff will send you a confidential report on what you’ve shared with us.  Or if you’d like to schedule a free consultation, click here.

Continuous Improvement Is Our Ongoing Responsibility

Even though we’ve been doing LASIK for 18 years, we know that every day, we still have to review and reevaluate what we do.  We’ve been the premiere resource for LASIK in Knoxville for nearly two decades because we’re committed to continuous improvement.  So that’s as much a part of our job today as it was when we first started.