4 Additional Benefits of LASIK

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In general, the LASIK procedure has one very obvious benefit: It corrects vision issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism to the extent that patients possibly no longer require glasses or contacts to see clearly. However, in such cases, we’ve found that improved vision is just the beginning when it comes to the upside of LASIK. Here are five more advantages that go hand-in-hand with the ability to see clearly without glasses or contacts.

  1. Saving money in the long run

There is an initial investment involved in the LASIK procedure. However, when you consider how much you would otherwise be spending on lenses, frames, contacts, solutions, optometrist appointments, etc. for the rest of your life, you can actually save money on a long-term basis.

  1. Enhanced lifestyle

This is one of the biggies. Some people simply don’t like the way they look in glasses, and LASIK could offer freedom from that necessity. It also allows you to wear over-the-counter sunglasses, with no more need for clip-on shades or prescription sunglasses. And you won’t have to worry about fumbling for your glasses first thing in the morning or if you have to get up in the middle of the night for an emergency.

  1. Recreational freedom

Glasses and, to some extent, contacts can be a hindrance to those who enjoy sports and recreational activities, especially water-based ones like swimming or surfing. LASIK could mean no more prescription goggles, lost contacts or simply having to play with blurred vision.

  1. Fewer allergy symptoms

If you’re accustomed to wearing contacts, you know the importance of keeping your hands clean. You constantly have to touch your eye when putting your lenses in, taking them out and adjusting them. And the more you do so, the more you run the risk of transferring pollen to your eyes or any other substance that can cause a negative reaction.