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Jimmy Hyams

I’m glad I did it! I’m free of contacts and glasses.
Jimmy Hyams
Jimmy Hyams

Jimmy Hyams

Knoxville, TN

SportsTalk host, Jimmy Hyams recommends the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center simply “because I certainly see the difference.”

In 1999, Jimmy decided to shed the contacts and glasses that hindered his active lifestyle: “Thirteen years ago, I wore contacts AND glasses. Thirteen Years ago, I had LASIK® at the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center. And I’m glad I did it.”

“Thirteen years later I’m contact free when it comes to golf and tennis. Thirteen years later, I’m a happy patient. LASIK has improved my quality of life particularly when it comes to physical activity.”

“Ok, I still have trouble breaking 80 in golf but I’m so glad that I was one of the first in the area to have LASIK!”


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