How Life Changing Can LASIK Be?

For many people LASIK is a life-changing choice. LASIK is designed to help patients reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses or contact lenses and take on activities that they wouldn’t risk before, either because of their eyesight or eyewear. LASIK can be liberating.

Here are a few things that people who have had LASIK surgery at Campbell Cunningham Laser Center have told us about the difference in their lives:

“I Don’t Have To Worry About Breaking My Glasses”

“I appreciate how much better life can be especially when I first wake up in the morning and I can see; or when I go swimming and I can see; or even when I am doing prank falls on stage, I don’t have to worry about breaking my glasses because I’m not wearing any!” says Frank Murphy, a comedian and radio personality.

“Thirteen Years Later, I’m A Happy Patient”

“Thirteen Years ago, I had LASIK at the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center. And I’m glad I did it,” notes Jimmy Hyams, a sports journalist who likes to stay active.  “Thirteen years later I’m contact free when it comes to golf and tennis. Thirteen years later, I’m a happy patient. LASIK has improved my quality of life particularly when it comes to physical activity.

“I Didn’t Know What [20/20] Meant.”

A lifelong glasses and contact wearer, Gina Haas didn’t know what 20/20 vision meant.  “I’d never experienced it,” she said.  “Even with glasses and contacts I didn’t see 20/20. I had never seen anything without glasses or contacts. The feeling of fear when you wake up and cannot see was gone for me” after she had her LASIK procedure.

You can read more about how LASIK at Campbell Cunningham Laser Center has change the lives of our patients here.

If you like to be active, have trouble with glasses or contacts, or just want to see better, LASIK could help you.  Click here and spend a couple of minutes telling us more about yourself, and we’ll tell you how good a candidate for LASIK that you might be.