Ways To Avoid Eye Fatigue


Our digital world has created all sorts of new situations that create eye strain and fatigue. So at Campbell Cunningham Laser Center, we think it’s important to be mindful of ways to protect your eyes—and provide relief during the day. This can improve your productivity, your safety, and even your outlook.

If you find yourself stuck in front of a screen for hours on end, or having to concentrate on very focused work, try these tips to keep your eyes fresh and yourself energized.

Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

Every 15 minutes to half-hour, look away from your screen from one to three minutes. This change of focus helps relax eye muscles, and gives your brain a few moments to “reset.” When you return to your work, you’ll likely find yourself re-energized.

Try Relaxation Exercises

Sometimes it’s not enough just to have a short break. If you’ve been at it for a long time, you might need more. Take deep breaths for 20-30 seconds, then relax. Rest your head in your hands for a minute or so. You might even try massaging your upper and lower eyelids, which can help stimulate tear ducts and prevent dry eyes.


And speaking of dry eyes, one of the best ways to avoid this is to remember to blink. It seems simple, but deep concentration can cause you to forget. Remind yourself. Some people even place a Post-It note on the sides of their screens to remind them. Hey—whatever works.

Have The Right Eyewear

Lots of people suffer eye strain unnecessarily because they have the wrong glasses to either correct their vision or to avoid glare or other issues. Reading glasses that are designed for print, for example, might not be right for computer work, where the screen is typically farther away. Consult your eye doctor. The right contacts, glasses, or even vision correction like LASIK could be a worthwhile investment.

Consider Your Environment

A dry or smoky environment may aggravate eye issues. A humidifier or better ventilation may help. Our East Tennessee environment can create issues, too—during certain times of the year, pollen and other allergens can be a problem.

Eyedrops May Help, But Ask Your Doctor

Over the counter eye lubricating drops or artificial tears may provide relief from eye strain, but don’t overuse them. Drops with preservatives or redness reducer can become irritants. Consult your doctor for the best recommendation.

Have other questions about strain and your eyes? Don’t hesitate to ask. Use our contact form to send us your question, and we’ll respond promptly.