Get A 10% Discount On LASIK To Start The New Year

CCLC_discount_landing_newYear_10percentThere’s a very compelling reason to consider LASIK vision correction in the next few weeks:  A 10% discount.

Campbell Cunningham Laser Center is offering a 10% discount on LASIK vision correction to begin the new year. And to see if you think LASIK surgery is truly worth it for you, we’re also offering a Free Consultation so you can decide for yourself.

Campbell Cunningham Laser Center provides complimentary consultations on LASIK vision correction. During the consultation, we’ll begin by evaluating you as a candidate for LASIK surgery. New advances in refractive surgery technology now mean that LASIK is available to more people than every before. If you were not considered a good candidate for LASIK in the past, it may be worthwhile to investigate again.

Once you have an understanding of your candidacy for LASIK, we’ll then walk you through each step of the LASIK procedure, providing details so you fully understand how LASIK works. We’ll explain what your potential outcome might be. Then we’ll cover insurance options, financing and payment choices, and other ways of making LASIK affordable.

Our 10% discount can be a game-changer for many people. To be eligible for the discount, you must have your Free Consultation by February 5, 2016 and surgery complete by March 31, 2016. Call today and find out if you qualify for even more savings if your insurance offers a discount. Call 588-3937.

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Custom LASIK at Campbell Cunningham Laser Center is truly customized for every patient—in fact, each procedure is customized for each individual eye. Computer mapping identifies even the smallest variations in the cornea, allowing the physician to make tiny adjustments during surgery to produce the optium outcome for the patient. Our iLASIK custom LASIK procedure is the one used for fighter pilots, astronauts, and other professionals whose vision must be as good as possible to allow them to perform their jobs. Take a look a the testimonials of some of our LASIK patients here.