A Free LASIK Consultation AND A 10% Discount? Why Wait?

CCLC_holiday_discount_1280x550If you’ve consider LASIK vision correction but haven’t had a chance to learn more, why not take a look now—for free!

Campbell Cunningham Laser Center provides complimentary consultations on LASIK vision correction. During the consultation, we’ll begin by evaluating you as a candidate for LASIK surgery. Thanks to advances in technology, LASIK is available to more people than ever before.

Then we’ll go through all the steps of the LASIK procedure in detail, tell you what to expect, and provide you with ideas as to what your outcome might be. We’ll also explain insurance and financing options, and show you ways to make LASIK affordable.

Speaking of which—through January, Campbell Cunningham Laser Center is offering a 10% Holiday Discount on custom LASIK vision correction, which makes LASIK even more affordable.  To be eligible for the discount, you must have your Free Consultation surgery completed by January 28, 2016.

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Custom LASIK at Campbell Cunningham Laser Center is truly customized for every patient—in fact, each procedure is customized for each individual eye. Computer mapping identifies even the smallest variations in the cornea, allowing the physician to make tiny adjustments during surgery to produce the optium outcome for the patient. Our iLASIK custom LASIK procedure is the one used for fighter pilots, astronauts, and other professionals whose vision must be as good as possible to allow them to perform their jobs.

An example of this is Knoxville firefighter Michael Bravine, who, after careful research, chose Campbell Cunningham Laser Center for his LASIK procedure. Michael knew he stood to benefit from LASIK, especially since allergies made his contacts too uncomfortable to wear, and glasses often interfered with fire fighting. But Michael was very methodical in his evaluation of LASIK, and where to have it done.

You can read more about Michael’s journey to LASIK here, plus watch a video where he puts his experience into his own words.

And if you’re ready to start your journey, there’s no better time than now. Click here or call 865-588-EYES to schedule your free consultation and take advantage of your 10% discount. We’re available by phone Monday through Friday until 10:00 PM and weekends from Noon until 6:00 PM. Call and get on the road to life with newfound freedom, after LASIK!