The “Wow” Factor of LASIK


LASIK vision correction can be a truly life-changing event. The procedure can make such significant improvements in a patient’s lifestyle that daily routines change and the person can experience new things.

And often, the change comes almost overnight.

While it takes some patients a few days to experience the full effect of vision improvement after they recover from the LASIK procedure, others report an overnight, revolutionary change in their lives. For many, waking up the day after LASIK and being able to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses is something they’ll never forget.

“I remember waking up that next day and being able to see. Really see,” noted Tony Basilio, a local radio personality who had LASIK vision correction at Campbell Cunningham Laser Center.  “I’m somebody who wore glasses everyday since I was…six? So, you have to understand. It was a revelation!”

For others, the realization may take a few minutes to sink in. Chase Carden, a college student, is a Campbell Cunningham Laser Center patient. His mother recalls what happened after he got home after his LASIK procedure.

“After his procedure, Chase was watching ESPN from across the room and they were running the scores at the bottom of the screen,” she said. “He yells ‘I can see the scores!’ I was just so overjoyed.”

Other Campbell Cunningham Laser Center patients found that the ability to see clearly gave them a feeling of extra security. “I didn’t know what [seeing clearly immediately when waking up] meant,” noted Gina Haas, a Knoxville marketing executive. “I’d never experienced it. Even with glasses and contacts I didn’t see 20/20. I had never seen anything without glasses or contacts. The feeling of fear when you wake up and cannot see was gone for me.”

LASIK vision correction can truly be life changing.

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LASIK might just put you on the path to an entirely new way of looking at the world.