The Long Term Value of LASIK®


LASIK® vision correction is designed to offer a variety of benefits, many of which can be experienced quickly after surgery. Our East Tennessee LASIK patients report that they can see clearly from the moment they wake up in the morning, without having to reach for glasses or put in contact lenses. They participate in activities that may have been off-limits because of vision or corrective lenses. They may feel more confident in their appearance or their abilities.

They may simply find that daily living is less complicated without having to worry about glasses or contact lenses.

But, in addition to the advantages of LASIK vision correction in East Tennessee, there can be long-term benefits to a LASIK patient. These can include:

Cost Savings Versus Contact Lenses and Glasses

LASIK vision correction is an investment, and for some patients, it pays off in reducing or eliminating their need for glasses or contact lenses. Over years, the cost savings can be substantial.

Changes In Lifestyle

For many patients, LASIK vision correction means a change in lifestyle, and often for the better. Because LASIK can allow people to become more active and take on more activities, LASIK can mean that people are exercising more, getting outdoors more, and enjoying themselves more. This can help improve overall health.

Better Productivity

After LASIK vision correction, many people report that not only are they doing more in their personal lives, but they are also more productive at work. Better vision can mean less eye fatigue and less overall fatigue, which can improve concentration and productivity.

Are You A Candidate For LASIK?

To find out if LASIK is right for you, simply visit our “Am I A Candidate for LASIK?” page and give us a little information about yourself. It only takes about five minutes. We’ll respond promptly and schedule the time for your consultation. Our staff will provide you with full details on the LASIK procedure and discuss expected outcomes. It’s that easy.