Custom LASIK Is A Procedure Tailored Just For Your Eyes

Every eye is different. So why shouldn’t LASIK vision correction be customized specifically for each of your eyes?

That’s the idea behind our CustomVue™ LASIK at the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center. We use the latest in computer technology to map the entire optical system of each of your eyes. The data is then fed into our blade-free VISX Star S4 IR Excimer laser to provide a completely personalized laser treatement.

Our process features some of the most advanced LASIK technology in the world, and it’s among the first to offer 100% customized treatment for the unique contours of the surface of your cornea. This state-of-the-art LASIK technology is designed to treat a broad range of vision imperfections.

LASIK is among the safest of all surgical procedures. It’s fast and virtually painless. More and more patients are candidates for LASIK surgery as techniques and technology have been enhanced, and the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center makes it easy for East Tennesseans to determine if they are good candidates for LASIK.

A simple questionnaire on our new website can tell you if custom LASIK is right for you. The questionnaire takes about five minutes to complete, and our team will let you know if you appear to be a good candidate for the procedure.

If you’d like a free consultation about custom LASIK, call (865) 588-EYES.

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