6 in 10 individuals wear glasses or contacts.

Since then, many people have been able to do away with their vision correct aids by having LASIK® vision correction. At the moment, the figures state that around 10 million people have had this procedure done.

First approved by the FDA in 1999, the procedure remains ever popular for people who are looking to live a life without remaining captive to their contact lenses or glasses. If you’re interested in getting LASIK vision correction, there are a few reasons why you should go for it.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that not everyone is a candidate for the procedure.

Read on for some of the reasons why LASIK vision correction may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

How Does LASIK Work?

Before you have your LASIK procedure, or seriously begin to consider it, you might want to know what exactly it entails. That’s normal, as, after all, they are your eyes. Since human beings rely on their sight as their primary sense, you’ll want to go into the procedure knowing as much as possible.

There are several different types of procedures a doctor can perform to correct your vision. LASIK is just one of them. But, we’ll be discussing LASIK here.

With LASIK, an eye doctor will first determine if you’re a suitable candidate. If he or she deems you are, you’ll have some examinations before you have the procedure itself. You’ll be fully awake during the procedure, but you’ll be given something to relax you and calm your nerves.

Bending the Light

Contacts and glasses work by bending the light so that you can see clearly. In a way, LASIK is like creating a contact out of your cornea.

The doctor will make an incision in your cornea and then raise it up. He or she will then reshape it and place it back on your eyes.

You will have to take proper care of your eyes afterward and may not have the full effects of the surgery for a few months.

Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

There are many benefits to LASIK eye surgery. In the next few sections, we’ll go over some of the other benefits of LASIK and why you should consider it for yourself.

It’s Little-to-No Pain

The surgery itself does not hurt. The doctors will give you numbing eye drops and you shouldn’t feel the procedure, even though you’re awake while it’s being done. Most surgical teams will give patients an anti-anxiety medication to relax them so that won’t be nervous during the procedure itself.

Afterward, you may experience some discomfort or soreness in your eyes. But, this isn’t painful, and you’ll be back to regular activities very shortly.

Very Few Side Effects

One of the most common side effects of LASIK is developing dry eye. This can be slightly uncomfortable, or make your vision a bit blurry or feel as though you have sand in your eye. Most people find their eyes are drier at the beginning of the recovery process and they become better over time.

Some people may find they experience glare, a halo effect or have trouble with their night vision after LASIK. This typically heals within the first 12 months of having the procedure done. Some people may have these symptoms for a little bit longer, but you can have it corrected with other interventions with help from your doctor.

It Makes Sports Safer

If you play sports, this is a huge reason to have this procedure done. Playing sports can be risky with glasses, as it is possible for them to be broken and glass going into your eye.

You can wear contact lenses, but as any contact lens wearer knows, they can come out during crucial parts of the game.

You can also wear sports goggles to correct your vision, but they can move during play and can fog up. They may also hinder your peripheral vision, which can throw you off your game.

Having LASIK eye surgery means that you can play sports without having to think about the extra effort that glasses and contacts entail.

Additionally, if you’re a swimmer, you won’t have to worry about losing a contact. You also won’t have to contend with getting water in your eye and ruining your contacts, or deciding if you’d rather swim blind or risk your lenses.

With vision correction, you can just put on your goggles and go.

You Won’t Need to Worry with Contacts

While many people prefer contacts people they give you a better range of vision, they also come with their own issues. For example, the risk of eye infection is higher with contacts. They can also move around in your eye and dislocate, especially if you rub your eye without thinking.

You can easily lose one, and without a back-up pair or your glasses with you, you’ll be blind for the rest of the day. You’re also chained to solutions and holders when you go on vacation or spend time away from home.

With LASIK, you can throw your contacts in the trash and never have to think about them again.

Is LASIK Vision Correction for Me?

LASIK vision correction is not for everyone, but a large percentage of people have found it helpful. If this is something you’re interested in, we encourage you to educate yourself more about the benefits and risks.

If you live in the Knoxville area, we encourage you to give us a call. We can help you determine if your eyes are prime candidates for the procedure. If you are, we can discuss how you’d like to move forward.

We’re only a phone call away, and also offer an after-hours helpline for people who need to chat outside of normal business hours.