The Incredible Benefits of LASIK

Are you considering becoming one of the around 800,000 Americans who will get LASIK vision correction done this year? If so, maybe you’re tired of wearing glasses or spending time dealing with contacts. You might also want the luxury of waking up each day with clearer vision without reaching for your glasses.

Read on to learn all about the important benefits of getting LASIK eye surgery to correct vision.

1. Convenience

Don’t you hate it when you wake up in the morning and fumble around for your glasses? Or maybe you sometimes lose one of your contacts and have to spend time finding a replacement when you’re in a hurry.

When you look at LASIK eye surgery reviews, you’ll often see patients excited about the convenience of life without glasses or contacts. You can simply wake up each day with better vision!

You’ll find LASIK even more convenient if you engage in any kind of sports or physical activity. 

With LASIK, you can play sports more confidently and not have to worry about losing or breaking your glasses. You can also eliminate the need for costly sports goggles or running the risk of losing a contact.

2. Health Benefits Over Contacts

Whether you wear only contacts or switch between them and glasses, you put yourself at health risks. If you don’t clean the lenses properly, you risk eye infections that can cause severe discomfort or even make you lose/reduce your vision. This can especially happen if you swim or shower in your lenses.

Even if you do properly care for your lenses, you can still have some side effects and irritation. This can lead to watery eyes, itching, redness, or even sensitivity to light.

You might have even more problems if your allergies make your eyes dry and itchy. Your eye doctor might recommend that you stop wearing contact lenses entirely. Or you might end up trying some eye drops that may not even relieve all the symptoms to provide comfortable contact lens wear.

With LASIK, you get the aesthetics of going without glasses or the health risks and annoyances of contact lens wear.

3. LASIK Can Actually Help You Save Money

When you hear of the cost of LASIK surgery, you might ask yourself, “Is laser eye surgery worth it?”

Surprisingly, though, you’ll probably find that LASIK’s long-term savings are worth it! If you still feel unsure, think about how much money you pay to replace your glasses or buy contact lenses each year or two.

You can also add up costs for care and accessories. If you wear glasses, this means how much you pay for glasses cases, cleaning cloths, and cleaning spray. Contact lens wearers should consider how much they already pay for contact lens cases, disinfecting lens solutions, and wetting eye drops.

4. You Can Have Even Better Vision Than with Glasses or Contacts

You already know LASIK gives you better vision. But did you know you might even see more clearly than you do with your current vision correction? 

LASIK vision correction can fix errors like astigmatism and severe nearsightedness in a way that gives you more lines of sight. The procedure actually corrects the surface of your cornea rather than doing a partial correction as contacts and glasses do.

If you have preferred contacts over glasses, you might have noticed less clear vision when you have these problems. With LASIK, you can get the best astigmatism or myopia correction custom-designed for you.

LASIK also helps you see better with improved peripheral vision compared to glasses. Whether you’re driving or working a job that requires a wide angle of vision, you’ll no longer have the blurriness on the sides once you replace your glasses with LASIK.

While you might have heard negative things about LASIK and night vision, getting the procedure might actually help you see better in the dark in the long term. You might notice some halos the first few months after your surgery, but you just might find you see more easily afterward. The difference can be very significant for a small percentage of patients.

5. Less Time on Eye Care

You’ll need to take special care of your eyes during the LASIK healing process. This means keeping your eyes safe and using prescribed eye drops. But after that, you’ll benefit from the time savings of not having to take care of glasses or contacts.

If you’re a glasses wearer, you won’t spend time any more cleaning your glasses or tightening the screws when they get loose. There’s also no need to spend time picking out new frames and lenses when your current glasses break or get old. You can also say goodbye to coming back to the eye doctor if your glasses need adjustments.

Contact lens wears can save even more time. You’ll no longer have to fill your lens case with solution, rub your contact lenses to clean them or use any special disinfection tools. You’ll also spend less time at the store buying cases, contact lens solutions, and lenses!

6. You’ll See Better Quickly

Did you know that the LASIK procedure can take less than 20 minutes to complete?

While you’ll probably have blurry vision right after your surgery, you’ll find that clear vision happens quickly. 

You can expect to see even more improvements to your vision within the following month or so. By then, you should know exactly how clear you’ll be able to see.

7. Quick Recovery

Not only do you see fast results with LASIK, but you can expect a quick recovery process as well. In fact, you can usually begin your usual activities the next day.

The healing process also doesn’t cause many inconveniences. You’ll need to rest the first day and use eye drops for the first week or so. You’ll also do a post-op checkup to make sure your eyes are healing well.

Otherwise, you’ll be able to enjoy your new vision without much hassle or disruption to your lifestyle very quickly!

Get Ready to Experience These LASIK Benefits Yourself!

Do all of these LASIK benefits excite you? If so, find out if you’re a candidate and learn more about the type of LASIK that will work best for you.

We can offer you a free LASIK consultation where we’ll check your current prescription to ensure LASIK can give you improved vision. We’ll also create a map of your eye to check your cornea and make sure your eyes are healthy enough for the procedure. 

If you decide to get LASIK, we’ll walk you through the preparation and let you know what to expect after your surgery. We can also discuss financing options to fit your budget. 

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