Is LASIK Better Than Contacts?

LASIK vision correction is often a choice for patients who are tired of wearing contact lens or who have trouble with contacts. For many people, LASIK can reduce or eliminate the need for corrective lenses, by re-shaping the cornea to improve vision.

There are numerous reasons why people choose the LASIK procedure over contact lenses.  Here are a few:


For many contact lens wearers, comfort is a big issue. Deposits can build up on the lenses, or eyes can become sensitive to them, causing irritation and pain. During Spring and Fall (especially here in East Tennessee), seasonal allergies can also be an issue, as pollen and dust become trapped underneath the contact and cause problems. And for some people, simply placing contact lenses in the eyes or removing them can be an ordeal.

LASIK vision correction that reduces or eliminates the need for contact lenses can provide these patients with relief.


Contact lenses are often more convenient than glasses, but they can be a hassle, especially with cleaning, storage, and replacement.Travel adds to the complexity of the chore, and should a lens be lost or come out during the day, the wearer has to come up with a way to clean and replace it—often without the proper solutions available.

LASIK vision correction doesn’t require the daily fuss over cleaning or managing lenses. And one big advantage many LASIK patients report over contact is that when they wake up in the morning, they can see immediately—without having to reach for a lens case.

Vision Improvement

For many patients, LASIK vision correction can provide better vision improvement than contact lenses. For example, patients with astigmatism may benefit much more from LASIK than from having to wear a specialized contact that may cause vision to blur if it rotates on the patient’s eye. LASIK provides correction for the irregularities in the cornea that can cause astigmatism, so the fix can be much more permanent and stable than contacts.


Over time, the cost of contact lenses, eye examinations, and treatment supplies can add up. LASIK vision correction, while more expensive initially, can be a better value in the long run, especially if the patient requires specialized lenses or must change prescriptions frequently.

Are you a contact wearer who’d like to know if LASIK can be a better choice for you? Simply complete our simple “Am I A Candidate?” questionnaire, and the staff at Campbell Cunningham Laser Center will provide you with a custom evaluation on whether or not LASIK could be a positive option for vision correction. We have performed more than 10,000 LASIK procedures for people in Knoxville and the surrounding area, and would welcome the chance to discuss the advantages of LASIK with you.