Better Vision for Life – October 2019

What is Bladess LASIK®?

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Eye professionals have successfully used LASIK technology for more than two decades as a safe and accurate way to improve vision with virtually no discomfort. But from a psychological standpoint, many patients find the notion of being treated with a laser, as opposed to a blade, to be less anxiety-inducing. While lasers are always used to reshape the cornea, LASIK options can vary when it comes to the first part of the treatment which involves cutting a thin flap in the cornea to allow laser access.

In traditional LASIK (Laser-Assisted InSitu Keratomileusis), an instrument called a microkeratome cuts a thin, hinged flap into cornea. That flap is then lifted so that lasers can reshape the cornea. Since the late 1990s, another option has been available. High-energy lasers called femtosecond lasers are also used to create the corneal flap. The first FDA-approved bladeless (all-laser) system called IntraLase is still in use today.

Reducing or eliminating the need for corrective lenses is an exciting prospect for many people. But one of the key decisions LASIK patients must consider is whether to go with a traditional or a bladeless procedure for cutting the corneal flap. Discuss your options when consulting with your eye surgeon.

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When the fire bell sounded, Dan Gibbs was left with three bad choices—throw on his glasses (which could interfere with his gear), try to insert his contacts while riding to the fire, or not see what he was doing once he got there. “There really wasn’t a good choice,” says Gibbs, “until I chose LASIK.”“With my profession, I have to wake up at night and respond immediately. I wouldn’t have time for contacts and I couldn’t wear glasses in my mask. LASIK was the perfect answer.”All of that is behind Dan now. “I’ve never regretted my choice to have the procedure,” says Dan, “and I haven’t hesitated a minute to recommend LASIK and the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center to my friends. I’d say LASIK is the best investment I ever made. The convenience is priceless!”Read more of Dan Gibbs’ testimony HERE.