Some Of The Best LASIK Patients: Firefighters

fosheblog1If you had any doubt about whether LASIK vision correction is something that people in stressful situations should consider, ask a firefighter.

Lots of firefighters have opted for the procedure, and for good reason.

Firefighting is a profession where there can be no mistakes—even the slightest misstep could hurt the firefighter or people he or she is trying to help. And on top of that, firefighters have to deal with bulky equipment, masks, hoods, and other gear that make wearing glasses almost impossible.

Now, imagine being in a smoke-filled room wearing contact lenses.

So many fire professionals, in order to do their jobs better and to have more enjoyment when they’re off work, choose LASIK vision correction. The procedure typically doesn’t make their eyes more sensitive, but it does eliminate or greatly reduce their need for glasses or other corrective lenses.

For a good number of patients, the vision correction is 20/20 or even greater.

But don’t take our word for it. See what firefighters themselves have to say.  We just posted stories from four fire/rescue professionals in our Testimonials section:

James Foshe

Cory Ginter

Dan Gibbs, Jr.

Michael Bravine

Their stories are intriguing, and their experience with LASIK vision correction is very positive. They share the effort they put into researching the procedure, and what they’ve been able to accomplish since.

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