The first laser practice in the Knoxville area now offers iLASIK with New iDESIGN® Refractive Studio

iDesign Technology

Clearer, sharper vision!

iDESIGN® measures and maps each individual eye to provide your surgeon with the highest resolution treatment plan for your very best outcomes.

Who is a candidate for iLASIK with iDesign Technology?

iDESIGN is FDA-approved for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.


  • 3-second scan reads both eyes
  • 25X more precise measuring eyes inside & out
  • 5X the resolution of previous technologies
  • 1,200+ data points from each eye
  • 27 different maps of cornea’s surface

Custom Blueprint of the Eye

  • iDESIGN utilizes wavefront aberrometry to give your surgeon a more accurate assessment of the eye and create customized treatment map of your cornea.
  • iDESIGN scans your cornea to provide information on both your “lower order aberrations” (which make up 90% of your visual imperfections such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) and your “higher order aberrations” (the last 10% of you visual imperfections that cause problems such as halos, glare and poor night vision).

Clear Results

A clinical study LASIK with iDESIGN 6 months after the procedure:*

  • 99% of people were not limited in active sports or outdoor activities
  • 99% of people had little to no difficulty with the clarity of their vision
  • 97% of people were satisfied with their vision
  • 93% of people had little to no difficulty driving at night
  • Majority of people achieved 20/16 or better vision
*Excellent patient reported results seen in the LASIK clinical trial for mixed astigmatism and hyperopia. 3. FDA P930016 supplement 044. Clinical study of myopia patients.

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