How To Get The Most From Your Free LASIK Consultation


The doctors and staff at the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center are delighted to provide free consultations for those who are considering LASIK® vision correction in Knoxville and East Tennessee. LASIK surgery is a huge step, and we think that everyone considering it should have all the information possible before making a decision.

We want you to get everything you can from your consultation. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions that can make your time with us more educational and get you everything you need to help make the right decision for you:

  1. Do your research. We’ll be happy to tell you all about LASIK vision correction when you visit, going into great detail if you’d like. But don’t just rely on us. There are scores of good resources online that can help you understand LASIK surgery, its benefits, and its risks. You can start here with our website. Spend some time looking into LASIK before you come.  You might want to take a look at the video of LASIK patient (and firefighter) Michael Bravine, who did months’ worth of research before deciding on the procedure.
  2. Ask lots of questions. We welcome any questions you may have—about the procedure, about potential outcomes, about costs. We’ll share everything we know with you.
  3. Talk to other people who’ve had LASIK vision correction. Learn about their experiences. We’ve made the stories of several of our patients available here.
  4. Check out your insurance and financing options. We can explain available options when you visit, but if you want to know about different ways to pay for LASIK surgery, ask. You can also click here to learn more.
  5. Know that you have no obligation. We provide our free consultations as a courtesy, and there’s never an obligation.

LASIK vision correction is a life-changing choice for thousands of East Tennesseans (in fact, the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center has performed more than 10,000 LASIK procedures).

But for some people, LASIK may not be the best option. Our evaluation helps let us and you know options, potential treatment path, and the information allows patients to consider alternatives or to better understand the potential for LASIK surgery

Schedule Your Free LASIK Consultation in Knoxville Now

Request your Free Consultation here, choose the most convenient date and time for your appointment, and send us a few details.  That’s all you need to do. We’ll respond quickly to confirm your appointment (if your requested time isn’t available, we’ll suggest some alternatives).

And thank you for considering Campbell Cunningham Laser Center. We appreciate your confidence in us.