Campbell Cunningham Laser Center Celebrates 15 Years!

This year marks an important milestone in the area’s medical community. In 1996, Doctors Philip Campbell and Les Cunningham pioneered LASIK in Knoxville. The following year, Knoxville’s first on-site surgery center dedicated to the procedure, the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center, was founded.

LASIK technology has evolved dramatically over the past 15 years, reaching its apex with the introduction of IntraLase™ which allows ophthalmologists to perform the procedure 100% blade-free. With IntraLase, a blade never touches the eye.

“It’s important for patients to get the safest LASIK treatment available,” says Dr. Campbell. “IntraLase™ is state-of-the-art and is the same technology that is used to treat astronauts as well as Navy fighter pilots.”

For people considering LASIK, there has never been a better time to move forward with clearer vision. Today’s perfected LASIK technologies allow for a more precise procedure that is quick and virtually painless, with a dramatically reduced risk of complications.

“There’s really no need to wait on LASIK technology. It’s here,” says Dr. Cunningham. “After 15 years and countless upgrades in the technology, now is probably the best time to have the procedure. It really is more safe than ever before.”

Today, centers across the country are making LASIK more attractive by not only investing in the most advanced equipment but also offering convenient payment terms. The Campbell Cunningham Laser Center recently announced a 24-month, same-as-cash program. So, now more than ever, it’s a great time for LASIK. Call 865-588-EYES today to schedule a free private consultation.