Title: Patient Educator

Job Duties: I do patient consultations. I check people in and I check them out. I answer phones. Also, I do some community outreach. I’m the non-clinical “go-to” person.

Year Started: 2005

What is your work philosophy?: To work hard and be excited in what I’m doing. If I am happy and confident at my job it will show to everyone around me.

Why do you love your job?: I love being involved in patient care. I love watching our patients enjoy a fresh start. When they tell you stories about how happy they were when they could open their eyes, look across the room and see their alarm clock. Little things like that make it so exciting.

Tell us more: Last year, a father called us from out of town. His son was about to make a career move and his dad wanted to surprise him with LASIK. It’s the gift that keeps giving.