Title: Refractive Coordinator

Job Duties: My work focuses on the clinical end of LASIK. When someone calls in, I am often the person who answers the phone and schedules the procedure. I perform a lot of the pre-op functions as well and I also assist during the procedure. I am also involved in the patient’s follow-up care.

Year Started: 2005

What is your work philosophy: Love what you do, always perform to the best of your abilities, and treat everyone with the same respect and courtesy you would expect for yourself.

Why do you love your job?: I couldn’t work with better people. We have a cohesive team and people can tell that when they come to the Campbell Cunningham Laser Center. Our team members are happy to lend a hand and help each other out. So, our patients can tell we aren’t just here for the paycheck. It’s something more. It’s very exciting to work in a field where we can offer the opportunity for a life changing experience.

Tell us more: There was a young girl who came in last year. I had taught her how to put in her contact lenses the first time she came here. Then, I assisted with her surgery. We have a good patient family here. It’s wonderful to be able to see our patients over so many years. In many cases, we watch them grow up.